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Consequences for Unpaid Traffic Tickets

October 17, 2022
New Jersey Traffic Ticket Attorneys at Ellis Law, P.C., Represent Clients Facing Violations Across the State.

Police officers issue an estimated 112,000 traffic citations every day in this country. A traffic ticket is more than just a costly nuisance. Failure to pay a ticket can bring serious consequences in New Jersey. Keep reading to learn why it is important to pay fines for traffic violations and other infractions on time, and what to do you if you cannot pay right away. It is always wise to seek the advice of a reputable New Jersey traffic ticket attorney, especially when you plan to fight your ticket.

Penalties for Unpaid Traffic Tickets

In New Jersey, it is important for anyone ordered to pay a traffic ticket to do so on time. The law provides a reasonable amount of time to pay fines for traffic violations and other infractions.

If you do not pay, you can face more serious penalties including:

  • Citation for contempt
  • Incarceration
  • License suspension
  • Surcharges
  • Warrant for failure to appear (FTA)
  • Warrant for their arrest

Can a Ticket Affect My Credit Score?

Yes. While unpaid tickets for parking violations and other minor offenses are unlikely to result in jail time, they can impact your life in another big way. Unpaid tickets that go into collections can affect your credit score. Dings on your score can take years to remove and repair. Pay your traffic ticket on time to avoid this problem.

What If I Cannot Afford to Pay a Traffic Ticket?

Typically, you have several days to weeks to pay a traffic ticket in New Jersey. In traffic court, fines and penalties are generally due and payable that day. However, the courts understand that high fines can present a financial hardship for some. The courts may accept a payment up front and may be willing to create a payment plan for the remaining sum. If you stop making payments at any point, you risk surcharges and other penalties.

I Want to Fight My Ticket. What Should I Do First?

Traffic tickets are wrongfully issued every day in this country. If you believe your traffic violation is unfair or unfounded, contact a traffic ticket attorney for legal guidance. Schedule a consultation to discuss your case and explore your options regarding your ticket.

In some cases, there are options to avoid fines, points on your driving record, and other penalties. While there are no guarantees this is possible, hiring a lawyer will allow you to make informed decisions about your situation. Because traffic tickets have a tight deadline to pay, it is best to meet with an attorney sooner than later.

New Jersey Traffic Ticket Attorneys at Ellis Law, P.C., Represent Clients Facing Violations Across the State

No one wants to get a traffic ticket, but ignoring a ticket will only cause a bigger headache down the road. If you want to fight your ticket, or have questions about your citation, contact the experienced New Jersey traffic ticket attorneys at Ellis Law, P.C. before pleading guilty. We review your case and discuss your options so you can proceed with confidence. Call 866-672-8816 or contact the firm online to schedule a free consultation. From our office in Freehold, we assist clients in and around Freehold, Asbury Park, Toms, River, Long Branch, Neptune, Middletown, East Brunswick, Jersey City, Marlborough, Hudson County, Union County, Essex County, Monmouth County, and Ocean County as well as Brooklyn and New York City.

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