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Disobeying a Traffic Control Device

In the state of New Jersey, a motorist who fails to observe a red light, or stop at a red light, can get two points on his license. Fees can range from $50 to $200. An improper turn at a traffic light equals three points

Disobeying a traffic control device is a fairly common violation, but can still carry serious penalties for those who aren’t careful, especially for anyone who hits a vehicle after carelessly running a red light.

If you received a ticket and are worried about paying a fine or receiving points on your license, one of our experienced traffic lawyers can help you fight all potential fines. Call us now for a free consultation at 732-308-0200.

‘Right on Red’ Rules in New Jersey and New York

Be wary of this rule if you are a New York resident driving in New Jersey: turning right on a red light is okay. As long as there is no sign prohibiting right on red, it is safe to make that turn.

If you are a New Jersey resident and you’re driving in New York, keep in mind that you can’t turn on red unless there is a sign that says ‘After stop, right turn permitted on red.’

‘Left on Red’ Rule in New Jersey

New Jersey permits left turns on red lights provided both the origin and destination streets are one way.

‘Yellow Light Rule’ in New Jersey

In New Jersey, it is not against the law to drive through a yellow light. A yellow light means only that traffic facing the light is warned that a red light will follow shortly. If your vehicle entered the intersection or passed the crosswalk or limit line before the light turned red, you are still driving legally.

Red Light Cameras

Like many states, New Jersey permits the use of red light cameras, which will capture the moment that you run a red light, photograph your license plate, and send you that ticket straight to your mailbox.

If you were caught by one of these cameras, you may have a few common defenses:

  • If you weren’t driving the car, the photograph will determine that someone else was driving your vehicle.
  • If the yellow light was too short, you may have an argument in court. There are cases where certain municipalities deliberately shorten the duration of yellow lights in order to increase the odds of you running the red. To support your argument, you can time the duration of the yellow light to see if it differs from the duration of other nearby yellow lights.
  • Some states require warning signs for red light cameras. If you can prove that the municipality did not provide warning signage, you may be able to succeed in your red light camera defense. (Photos are essential to this defense.)

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Whether you’ve knowingly disobeyed a traffic control device or made a simple mistake, our experienced team of traffic lawyers can help you sort out your issues. We’ve handled countless traffic cases, and have helped our clients win in court. Call us now for a free consultation at 732-308-0200.

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