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Improper Turns

An improper turn in New Jersey can lead to 15 days in prison, fines ranging from $50 – $200, and three points on your license. Motorists who make improper turns can face potentially thousands of dollars in fees and surcharges.

If you made an improper turn, it’s not the end of the world. Our traffic lawyers have twenty years of experience in defending clients who’ve made improper turns, and we’ve won a lot of these cases.

If you made an improper turn and you’re worried about the consequences, we can help revoke sentences, fines, and points on your license. Call us now for a free consultation at 732-308-0200.

Prohibited U-Turns

In most states, U-Turns are always illegal in business districts. In residence districts and other areas, they are likely to be legal except where traffic conditions make them unsafe.

Business districts are defined as places where more than 50% of the property fronting the streets is in use for business.

If you made a U-turn in a business district, your best defense is to claim that you weren’t in the district. You can look up your state’s definition of the term, ‘business district,’ and see if it matches the location of your turn.

Unsafe Turns and Lane Changes

Unsafe turns and lane changes include turning left against oncoming traffic, pulling in front of a vehicle going in the same direction, pulling onto a road and backing up unsafely, and failing to signal a turn.

Turning Left Against Oncoming Traffic

It is illegal to make a left turn in front of oncoming traffic if you can do so with reasonable safety.

If ticketed, you can start by testifying that, because your turn did not cause an accident and the other driver did not have to swerve or brake sharply, your turn was safe.

In addition, you may wish to point out that there was enough distance between your car and an oncoming car to make the turn safely.

Failing to Signal a Turn

Your state law will say something to the accord, ‘Any signal of intention to turn right or left shall be given continuously during the last 100 feet traveled by the vehicle before turning.’

Officers will write turn signal tickets claiming the offenders didn’t signal for 100 feet before making a turn. To fight this, you can claim that you made a reasonable mistake if your lights were burned out when you shifted the signal lever. However, if you knew about the defective signal before getting the ticket, you will lose the case in court.

Pulling Onto a Road and Backing Up Unsafely

Your state’s law will say something to the accord that no person shall start a vehicle stopped, standing, or parked on a highway—nor shall any person back a vehicle on a highway, until such movement can be made with reasonable safety.

In order to win, you must present testimony that you took reasonable precautions before you pulled onto the road and started backing up. You have to explain in your testimony that what you did was sensible and safe under the circumstances, and that the problem was caused by the unpredictable and antisocial actions of the other driver.

Call a Traffic Lawyer Today

If you’ve made an improper turn, a professional team of traffic lawyers are only a phone call away. Whether you’ve made a prohibited U-turn, or made an unsafe turn or lane change, our team will fight for you. Call us now for a free consultation at 732-308-0200.

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