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What is a moving violation?

A moving violation occurs whenever a traffic law is violated by a vehicle in motion. Examples of moving violations are speeding or running a traffic light.

What is a non-moving violation?

A non-moving violation is typically referred to parking or faulty equipment. Examples include parking in a no-parking zone or non-working break lights.

What are DMV points associated with Motor Vehicle Violations?

The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) tracks your driving by adding points to you record when you are convicted of a moving violation. The more serious the violation, the more points you are associated. There are potentially serious ramifications if points are assessed to your license. Your insurance company can raise your rates or even cancel your policy. It is often important to plead not guilty to municipal court vehicle violations and have your attorney negotiate with the prosecutor to possibly plead guilty to a lesser point or lesser speed violation.

If I contact Ellis Law, will I be able to speak to an attorney about my traffic ticket?

Yes. You can always speak to an attorney when you contact our firm. Your attorney will carefully review your case, outline the various options that are available, and explain the court process.

Can you guarantee that you can get my ticket dismissed?

No, we cannot make any guarantee regarding how your ticket will be handled by the court. In fact, when choosing an attorney, you should avoid anyone who tries to make guarantees.

How much will it cost for your firm to represent me? Are there any additional fees or costs? If I choose to go to trial, is that an additional fee?

Costs will vary based on several factors including the type of traffic violation and the type of services we provide for your case. Contact us by e-mail to schedule an appointment for a free initial consultation or call us toll free at 888-ELLIS-LAW.

If I believe I’m guilty, shouldn’t I just pay the ticket?

We don’t recommend that you pay your ticket until you speak to one of our attorneys. During your free initial consultation, we can review your driving record and give you an idea of what may result if your case goes to court.

What happens with my insurance company after I pay the ticket?

If the DMV assigns points to your driving record based on the traffic offense, your insurance premiums may increase.

Are the other languages spoken by the attorneys at your firm?

Yes, we speak Spanish, Yiddish, Hebrew and Russian.

Does your law firm accept credit cards for payment?

Yes, we accept Visa and Mastercard.

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